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Cleaning In Healthcare Facilities

The proper cleaning and sanitation of any and all healthcare facilities are incredibly important. So much that it could save numerous lives. Now, cleaning healthcare facilities isn't an easy or simple task. There are many steps and protocols to follow in order to keep a healthcare facility clean and to keep viruses and bacteria from being spread from person to person, surface to surface, and room to room.

The most important steps to follow, though, are wearing the proper PPE and following proper hand hygiene. These two steps can significantly reduce the spread of germs and diseases from one room to the next and person to person. You may not realize just how easy it is to spread things around because you can't see the microorganisms with your naked eye, but they are always present unless you follow the proper protocols.

Being sure that you are properly clean and sanitizing a patient room is the next step in preventing the spread of HAI's. Approximately 1.7 million people contract HAI's every year with around 99,000 of those resulting in deaths. Staph infections are the leading pathogen that accounts for 84% of HAI's. If all facilities were to follow the proper protocol in cleaning and sanitization as well as wearing the proper PPE and hand hygiene the numbers could drop within the first year.

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